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Smart component inventory management systems.

The new NXT-H hybrid assembly system. High accuracy placement of die from wafers, waffle packs or trays. Also, reel feeder parts.

Programmable vacuum ovens for reflow soldering in controllable atmosphere.

High-performance solder pastes and a wide range of other solders and fluxes.

Wafer probers and application board probers. Over 16 different models and 60 years of experience. Technological advancements not available from other manufacturers.

Hi-rel equipment to remove lids from hermetic packages. Hi-rel die removal equipment.

High throughput optically based equipment for gross and fine leak testing of hermetic packages without helium bombing. Meets Mil Std 883K.

RapiTrim systems process thick film and thin film resistors on virtually any substrate. Precise laser control allows clean resistor removal without damage to the substrate. PPI offers a choice of three wavelengths (IR, green or UV) to solve your most demanding application.

Leading supplier of 2.5D X-Ray equipment for PCB, BGA, wire bonds & medical device inspection also X-Ray component counters.

World-class supplier of reflow ovens, wave solder machines & selective solder machines.

Wire bonders for the development and production of microchips.

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