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About Alphatek, Inc

Dave Koehler started Alphatek, Inc, a manufacturers’ representative company, over 25 years ago. He began his career selling products into the clean room market. He then gravitated to the electronics manufacturing marketplace and has years of experience servicing both the hybrid assembly market and
the PCB assembly market.

Dave’s depth of knowledge about the current electronic manufacturing climate is extensive. He is able
to assist his customers with knowledge of all the many processes of the electronic manufacturing

Alphatek serves the following markets: Aerospace, Medical Devices, Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Contract Manufacturing, and more.

Alphatek represents many industry-leading companies and their premier products and is committed to providing all our customers with superior products and after sales support to ensure all those
customers’ needs are quickly and completely satisfied.

For fun, Dave enjoys camping in the Rocky Mountains, family activities, and Margaritas on a beautiful
beach anywhere.


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