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A complete line of American made wire processing equipment.

Smart component inventory management systems.

Fuji is a leader in SMT component placement systems. Fuji offers multiple systems including the AIMEX III which is designed for component flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility. Fuji also offers the NXT III for faster speed and higher throughput.

Manufacturer of SMT production supplies, electronic and industrial cleaning products and environmental remediation products.

High-performance solder pastes and a wide range of other solders and fluxes.

The largest global supplier of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) & 3D Xray (AXI) Inspection Systems. Many PCB assemblers are now utilizing X-Ray systems to inspect solder joints, especially those hidden joints under area array packages. Omron’s inline, 3D-CT method enables up to 300 slices and the double sided board inspection of indistinct shapes which 2D or pseudo CT cannot detect. 

ProVia systems are advanced volume production workstations for rigid, rigid-flex, or flex panels, incorporating high-performance beam positioning and laser control for high throughput drilling and routing of complex features.

Ultra-thin, ultra-light rigid-flex and flex circuits designed for aerospace, medical and military applications. Flex assemblies reduce the need for connectors.

Leading supplier of 2.5D X-Ray equipment for PCB, BGA, wire bonds & medical device inspection also X-Ray component counters.

World-class supplier of reflow ovens, wave solder machines & selective solder machines.

Designers and builders of outstanding SMT screen printing products for customers that value high-quality solutions. Winner of many awards.

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