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Alphatek, Inc is proud to work with the following

microelectronics assembly product manufacturers:

AlSiC IGBT baseplates, very thermally dissipative, good CTE match to ceramic, high strength & stiffness.

High-performance solder pastes and a wide range of other solders and fluxes.

Automated die attach equipment for adhesive, eutectic, silver glass, MCM and flip chip processes.

Wafer probers and application board probers. Over 16 different models and 60 years of experience. Technological advancements not available from other manufacturers.

Hi-rel equipment to remove lids from hermetic packages. Hi-rel die removal equipment.

High throughput optically based equipment for gross and fine leak testing of hermetic packages without helium bombing. Meets Mil Std 883K.

Gas plasma surface cleaning and conditioning equipment. Improves wire bonding and epoxy bonding.

Vacuum soldering systems to provide void-free solder connections in power modules with preforms and/or pastes for semiconductor, power, electro-optical, RF industries and more.

Semiautomatic ball placement for wafers, substrates and BGAs. Minimum ball 100 µm diameter.

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